19 July, 2006

What a shame

I'm always going out late at night and talking to people that sleep rough or I'm visiting hostels during the day but nothing can prepare anyone for the sights that you sometimes see. Tonight I found a man who had soiled himself and was just lying there in the middle of the pavement, crying and blind drunk. The smell was overwhelming but it was something I thought ought to be addressed. So I got some friends of mine to get me some clothes and clean underwear from places they knew, god knows where, but they did. We got the man bathed at the local Salvation Army center and dressed him in the clothes. The saddest part is probably tomorrow or the day after things will just be the same for him.
I think that when outreach workers who where supposed to find the most vunerable were reduced to what they are they are now. The vital link that was needed to reach the homeless has now been lost and the trust that was built up between homeless organizations seems to be disappearing. Most homeless people don't trust organizations such as favorite. which is crisis because as they put it, being actually homeless has now become a secondary issue. Everyone expects something that most of us can't give and that is our time. We are just busy trying to survive from day to day. Anything more is a bonus. It's funny but I lean towards agreeing with them because although homeless charities are now searching for other means to help alleviate the homeless problem, the fact that in doing so they seem to have forgotten their intent. Their intentions are good but they seem to have lost sight of what homeless really means. It's not just that you haven't got a roof over your heads. Simply, the fact that its so soul destroying and no one gets it unless you have been there. Being homeless isn't the problem. It's the things that go with it and then when you think it's all over there's the stigma that stays glued for a quite while longer. Too really make an impact I feel that homelessness needs to be shown for what it really is and that is to show all aspects of homelessness from start to finish without the gloss over.

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Kelly said...

Great post, jamie. And, a show of unconditional love by you and friends.

Keep a head up!