18 April, 2006

Another brain wave

Firstly I hope everyone had a good Easter. I did. I went to Birmingham and spent sometime with my sister who got on my nerves in the end. Then I missed my train and had to hitched it back. Just got home about twenty minutes ago and boy am I tired. I got chatting to some people in a car on the way home and we got to talking about homelessness and how come it so hard to get out of once your in. I said it was hard because no one truly understands what it's like to be homeless, having to live day by day just about surviving. Then when I said things like jobs in that area could be found for the people who have been there got the tshirt so to speak. They could put that experiences to good when I said it's not the fault of charities for not employing more people and that it was because they simply couldn't afford to pay a decent wage. The answer I got was what about the government? Couldn't they help? After all they waste so much money on schemes that don't work. Why not tell them to try something that does work for a change. So it was on this subject I pondered on the way home. Here's what I came up with, if it costs the government around ten thousand a year to keep one person on unemployment benefit. Why not put money aside for a scheme for exhomeless people to work in that area. Lets say thirteen thousand a year. Then the organization after the first year either employs them their selves or moves them on to other organizations. It costs that much to keep someone on benefits if you count all the additional cost like job centers ect. Wouldn't that money be better spent on people helping other people who are now in the position they were? Then those people could continue to do the same when they have got out of the circle of homelessness. I am always asking the question, how can any homeless organization truly represent homeless people when they actually have no one who has been homeless working for them? The answers I get are we can't afford to or theirs no positions available. So why doesn't this government set up something? So that these organizations can employ these people. It has been estimated by the year twenty fifteen there will be roughly one million hidden homeless and street homeless. In Birmingham there has been a slight increase in the number of homeless people actually sleeping rough but this is the same all around the country. The government say no there are not many sleeping out on the streets but the public say different because they see it everyday of the week. Anyway that's my idea.

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