05 April, 2006

The Turner report and my opinion

For years pensions have only increased at a minimal rate and pensioners have suffered because of this. The turner report say to make pensions rise with pay rises and raise the retirement age to 68. Mr brown the chancellor is up beat about it but to me this is just one way to plug the 57 billion pensions shortfall. As per usual the government say we agree with it but the thing that they will not say out loud is crikey we can't afford it even if we raise the age of retirement to 68, 69, 70. Because the situation has got too bad. I think we have all heard about pensioners and the crisis they are in. Firstly I think we have a system that does not see the potential of pensioners. We see them as old people who are retired and place them in the used by date category. Secondly we have pensioners losing out at this present minute because of the private pensions crisis. Thirdly you can almost certainly bet if the government did do something worth while on pensions. It would take a few years to come into effect and it would only be another sticking plaster.
I can't see myself living to a ripe old age but if I did I would hope that getting old is not another stumbling block. Poverty is rife amongst the old and they do seem to be getting poorer. If we are to attempt to stamp it out we have to start too realized that a nation that is divided in to a society of class does not work. Only when thing are equal can we say we have society of equals.

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