19 April, 2006

Just an idea for a children story.

Fred was just a normal everyday common sort of gold fish. That had been accidentally flushed down a toilet because it's owner thought he was dead and by some strange miracle had somehow survived the terrible journey, through all the pipes and fast running rivers and was now swimming in the ocean with friends he had made along the way. When one day his friend Jasper who was a flat fish said that if he was caught in a net on the surface of the ocean he would become part of a child's happy meal and that made him so sad because he was so small, the wrong colour and it wasn't his dream to be anyone's meal. He was so mad at what jasper had said that he started to shout in bubble language. You are a fiber, a great big liar, you will go to Neptunes den and he will set your fins on fire. Your just a great big liar. You're no friend of mine. Still angry he swam and swam for what seemed miles and miles until he was so tired he just had to stop and rest. While he was resting a great big white shark came swimming by. It stopped, glared at him and groaned. There's no way, no way at all that I'm I going to eat you, you, you are far too small and I only eat things that are big fat and juicy and at least six inches tall. Then the shark stared for a while longer as if it was changing his mind. Then suddenly it started to swim away. The shark looked back and bared its white teeth and then swam away fast. Fred thought oh no its changed its mind. Its going to come back and began to swim as fast a he could but before the shark disappeared from view fred thought he heard him say. You might be far too small but this I promise. I will be back even if it's just to make you my midday snack. For I am a great white and have a big appetite and I'll eat anything just for a lark. Fred swam to a stop and was shaking from head to tail. So if you have a gold fish and it has stopped swimming and looks like it is shaking uncontrollably. It might be Fred.
This is as far as I got but I thought it would make a change to show what I can do with my imagination now I have found out that I actually do have one. No one would have thought this possible five years ago, when I was taken to a shelter for Christmas. Funny thing is though over the last few years. I have learned that nothing is impossible

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