18 April, 2006

It's enough to make you go bald

Today was supposed to be a good day. I went to the post office to get my sickness benefit and all I got was three pounds seventy four pence. So of I went to the job center and sat from 10 30am till 2 15pm to be told sorry but income support are paying part of your benefit and incapacity are paying you the rest. So then I asked to be paid in my own polite way and was told that I have been paid and the rest of my money was sent to the post office and would be paid in the next couple of days due to the holiday.
I sat there and thought for a second or two and said excuse me but over the last three years I have had nothing but aggravation over one thing and another over my benefit. Surely it would have been smarter for the two agencies to get together like they have been doing and one agency pay me what benefit I am due. To me that seems a smart thing to do and as I have this feeling that I am not the only one in this predicament. It would be cost effective and less time consuming. The answer I got was not very nice ( smart Arse or something similar) No wonder people struggle to get their payments on time when you have two or three agencies that do not communicate with each other. The other thing that springs to my mind is how much money is wasted by government systems that simply do not work. So now I'm sitting here sort of relieved that I didn't spend the full week in Birmingham as I had planned but I am sort of dreading what's going to happen next. God no wonder people start to go bald with worry. I wonder if there are a lot of bald people on benefit that had a full head of hair when they first claimed.

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