20 April, 2006


This week has been a not so average week because of some of the choices I have had to make but they got me to thinking that everyone has to make them sooner or later and the outcome of some of the choices you make are not so good. Take the prime minister decision to go to war on Iraq. He has always maintained that it was because of the information that was in front of him. A difficult decision for any one to make especially a leader of a country but I wonder was it just to remove a dictator or was it a decision made on what he actually knew about this man and his atrocities or was it the thought of one man and the oil of that country? He made the decision to go to war and most of Britain disagreed with him but still he went. Was this a good choice or a bad one when lives are still being lost? I am just thankful that I don't have to make choices like that. This week I have a to make choices myself and are they right or wrong? Who knows? Only me because they were right for me at the time. Years ago I made some choices that lead me to being homeless and a drug addict, bad choices at the time but they have all lead me where I am today. I know I have learned things the hard way but at least I can now say I have learned from them.


womble said...

You can only go forwards in life. If you think you made bad decisions in the past, the good bit is to learn from them. Sometimes we start to make more 'good' decisions than bad. Perhaps you're on that road.

Anonymous said...

He made a bad choice to go to war. Ironic, I was reading a UK lady's words today, saying how "you" hate Americans, meanng US of A. That "you" were all glad that "911" happened to us. That sounded awful to me, because I am not "them", the type of people she hates. It's like things hurled at the homeless. "leeches" one lady on a group, that was about combating "hate" & "hate groups". Is Wandering Scribe a leech? Are you? I don't think so. Is the 13 year old who ran away from home a bad person? Hardly.

Anyway, the war was wrong. The little children will grow up (if they survive at all) with a powerful hatred, and the cycle continues. It was expecially bad, because it's all about selfishness, greed, and racism, money, power. These are human beings, just like you & me, & everyone. Citizens with little power over what the Presidents, Kings, rulers decide to do.

This particular war is especially horrible, because it could start WWIII, if it doesn't destroy the earth entirely. There is so much corruption in the American Government.

Considering your lack of parenting, the choices you made back then, reflected your knowledge at the time. You have empathy and compassion, so good came from that. We can never really know the outcome of choices. (except if you were tempted to pick up the drug again, you can pretty much know what that will bring).