28 April, 2006

Good Politicians

I have been reading and watching a bit of the news lately and it seems to me that good politicians are supposed to be squeaky clean and have no normal life. Who really wants to be a politicians these days anyway? When you are always in the spot light and under the microscope. Normal people have affairs and argument's. So why not politicians? We all know it not right when it does happen but it happens. Politicians make mistakes some have been huge over the last twenty to thirty years. We had the profumo affair. The Tory minister David Mellor and his toe sucking affair with what's her name and just lately we have had a labor minister Mr blunket doing his political suicide thing twice.
When we elect someone in to political office we expect them to be holier than thou. Is this right who know? The thing is and this is only the way I see it, people are people and life has it's little quirks like marriage and divorce, being faithful and faithless. Villains and honest people, ect: but isn't this what eventually makes us who we are and what kind of life we eventually we lead? That sounds funny coming from me as I haven't been the most consistent guy in the world. Shouldn't it be that the person can do the job he was elected to do. Shouldn't this be the most important thing or is it that we expect a lot more than that. not that i am saying we should elect crimminals or anything but mistakes in life are a common occurance? It's just a thought.

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womble said...

If our politicians didn't make the odd slip-up in their personal lives they really wouldn't be human, would they? I think it's mostly the media that makes a fuss about this sort of thing. You, me, the people in the street, we don't really care. It's more about what they're doing in the day job to make the country a better place for all of us.