13 October, 2006

Common sense

I am the type of guy now, that thinks about things more clearly than most except when it comes to my girlfriend. I mean who would have thought that when she said be totally honest with me does this skirt make me look big and I said it does a little, she'd get upset with me after all she the one that said be totally honest but when it comes government and politics I do have my own views and opinions on certain subjects as I think I showed yesterday when I met some people in the parliamentary building yesterday to talk about drugs and homelessness. Common sense tells me that not everything I say or propose will be taken on board but putting my experiences and what I think should happen on the subjects drugs and homelessness out there is just as important as politicians making laws. After all there's nothing better than hearing from someone who has been there and come out the other side. It's only common sense. So when I hear people discussing the war in Iraq and stuff I do listen and have ideas and views that some people will disagree with but that's what we call freedom of speech.

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