09 October, 2006

Jamie for PM

For days I have been sitting in doors thinking about things and what I would do if I where prime minister. Would I have gone to war? I don't think so although I would have thought of some devious plan to get rid of Saddam because he was one of the worst dictators and he killed innocent people even his own.
One certain thing that I would have done would have been to eradicate poverty in Britain because I strongly believe that poverty is at the root of most of Britain's social problems and we do in fact have, a have and have not class of society. While we argue over race and whether a Muslim woman should or should not cover her face. We seem to be missing the real problems and we are even now creating ones of race and religion. Why doesn't the PM stand up and say enough is enough and get back running the country as it should be run. Is it that he knows the Labour party is now on it's final leg of government. If I was in government and I was the PM I would still run the country and govern to the best of my ability. If you look back at the Labour parties time in office can you say with certainty that they have done well. Me, I personally don't think so. Besides going to war I don't see a massive improvement in the country. I see the issue of schools coming to haunt them also I see the NHS problems becoming bigger and the arguments becoming louder. The problem I have with this government is how can you plough money into things that are either not working as they should or how can you under spend on things this country needs. Sorry but I am honest enough to say I would put 1p on tax and another half percent on vat. It is because previous governments dare not do these things that we have problems now. Any one voting for me yet?

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womble said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jamie. I'd vote for you.