11 October, 2006

A view from another side

Living in a hostel is just like living in a single room with lots of noise and it can become a very lonely life especially when you're trying to rebuild your life. You may think it very strange with forty or fifty other people living there and you may think it stupid of someone to shut themselves off from the world for weeks at a time, but this is what people with problems do. They lock themselves away rather than face their problems head on and they become so used to being reclusive it becomes a part of their lives. So when they do eventually get a place of their own they find they can cope to an extent but they cannot cope without the daily routines they have made. So loneliness is sometimes the killer blow that seems to get to some people and then things start to deteriorate and the spiral of homelessness begins again and this is just one of the factors of homelessness. There are so many things that cause one to be homeless the only thing I can say for certain is IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU

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