11 October, 2006

My very own opinion

It’s funny but this morning I had couple of those rare thoughts after watching the news for about two minutes.
It seems that even after two world wars we still don’t get it. Will we ever learn that war and violence are not the way forward. I make a lot of noise about murder and a life sentance should mean life but this is a different kettle of fish because we made these great big atom bombs that could bring about the end of the world as we know it and then we had the cheek to say its okay they are merely a deterrent no one else will be stupid enough to build ones bigger and better. guess what they did and if that was not enough they built lots. My question is why build so many? The second was did we really think that nobody else would build them? Because it does seem that way. We go on and on about the state of the world. Yet we spend more and more on tools of war instead of trying to elevate the suffering and poverty in the world. Now we have North Korea building and testing them and they are not a rich country at all. In fact I think they get some form of aid from around the world. How can we justify them not having the bomb when we have them? I know people will say but they live in a dictatorship which is unstable but is it really? The other thing people can say are they spend most of their money on making these weapons but isn’t Korea rebuilding as well. The only way to stop other countries from building bombs is stop building them ourselves. which seems to me to be just plain common sense after all it just takes one mad man to press the button and there's no time to say goodbye.
The other thought was how can this government say they are doing fine. When everything around them is falling to bits? Our NHS is under such a strain that it is virtually on the verge of collapse. Our welfare state is also under such strain it will surely crack. My question is why? Why do we always follow the Americans in solving problems that work over there. Is it because it’s so big? When we elect a government I think we expect them to think of new plans, have new ideas but for this country. Not some crazy schemes that will put us back in the dark ages. It’s funny but years ago Australia and America were full of people from convicts to pilgrims and they are doing better than we are. The people of this country are now beginning to suffer the years of neglect by previous governments. Poverty in this country is still rife. We still have run down estates and now we have crime at it highest level although this government would have us believe that it is in fact down. how can it be when we have more murders more street crime. How can we tell other countries how to cure poverty if we can’t cure our own? How can we say this is Great Britain when it’s just plain and simply Britain? It’s only my opinion but it seems to make sense to me.

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