13 October, 2006

Thinking again

I was having a cigarette and ear wigging on a conversation about people being stupid and suddenly thought if only they knew how stupid I used to think I was. Listening to the conversation I had what I call a role reversal when actually the person talking was talking total rubbish because she didn't really know the person she was talking about or the real situation. It was just idle gossip whilst having a cigarette. That's what struck me the most how fact can be expanded upon and be turned into gossip. It's like reading a newspaper and seeing a headline that doesn't really say what has happened or is just an article that's sensationalism at it's best. If we took everything we heard or read to be gospel what a mess the world would truly be in. So I started thinking about David Cameron and what's been said about his style of leadership. My thoughts are that this is the new labour we voted for in the first place. This is the young Tony Blair so is there anything really new in what he's saying? Not really as we have heard it all before only this time it seems to be someone with charisma trying to blindside us into thinking he's the one to make sweeping changes. Take for instance what he wants to do with the NHS, poverty, the welfare state and education all this costs and what he's proposing the figures just don't add up. I only deal in pounds and pence every week but when you have to balance books of billions of pounds you are allowed a little leeway but even my rough calculations say that we will have to borrow more and instead of a tax reduction tax would have to increase by at least three pence in the pound and I was the one that thought I was stupid

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