09 October, 2006

Musing once again

Well in the last two weeks I have been to Manchester and Bournemouth and it does seem to me that all these politicians hear what you're saying but that seems to be all. Once you start trying to give positive solutions to a problem they always ask what's its going to cost us? Which does annoy me no end because if the country has severe problems now surely trying to do positive things now only eases the tax payers burdens in the future. One thing that keeps coming to the fore is the government saying of every one must be equal. Isn't it true that in todays society there will always be a minority that reach a certain level in education for example and cannot go any further although they keep on trying? Is it right for these people to be excluded from any government thinking? Me, I was once a member of the socailly excluded club am to a cetain degree i still am being homeless and an addict has it's stigma's even though I haven't been homeless or touched drugs for a while. This year I will keep on trying to make politicains listen eventually they will see I am not going to go away and maybe like i am doing now meeting up and really discussing the problems faced by homeless people and people in temporary accommodation which is becoming more and more permanant. Everyday I see people who are stuck in hostels and such and have become disalusioned about their future. What I think is to give someone hope for the future and then have to waste years in limbo not knowing if you have a home or some form of education that can benifit all is a travesty. life is short enough as it is but not to be able to live it to its fullest. Well?

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