11 October, 2006

Government figures on homelessness

When the government say they have reduced the number of rough sleepers and that on any one night in England only five hundred people sleep out. I always smile and think now where did they get that number from. Which evil massaging fairy did they get them off because I'm pretty certain that it's a whimsical figure at best and they have been sold another tall diplomatic story. Although I have to admit there had been a reduction in rough sleeps over the last couple of years. I would say that now we are definitely seeing a homeless rise of about 15% and by the end of this year I would expect that to rise to 20% as people find it harder to get accommodation. It's not just addicts and such that are finding themselves without a roof over their head. Its everyday working people. It seems because there are things in place for families. Single homeless people are at a disadvantage because of the word single. It is assumed that single people because they have only themselves to look after are not a high priority but I beg to differ. This governments saying is that everyone should have the right to be safe and have a place they can call home. I am asking is this the case? As it seems there has been a mad rush to get people of the streets over the last couple of years. Is it that the government want to be seen doing something about a problem that is on the face of it is years old and should be dealt with or is it that the Olympics are just around the corner and homeless is an eyesore that should not be seen on our streets especially as the world will be watching.

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