12 October, 2006

Who to blame

Things seem to go round and round in circles quite often in this world of ours like this government saying the same things it did when it first got in office but I guess we all take that for granted as previous governments do the same but what is it that makes us elect governments on promises we know they will not keep. Yesterday when I was listening to a flustered PM at question time answer questions on the NHS and cut backs. I suddenly knew it was cut backs not modernization that was the driving force behind everything that was going on in the NHS. If you look at the facts that 3% of the nation cannot get a doctor. More and more hospitals are closing needed units due to under funding by government. Everything is so target driven that the public hasn't a clue what's going on. We used to have the best hospitals and the best service possible for a nationally funded institute. What happened. It surely didn't deteriorate over night. Here's what I think, we elected these people to improve are NHS which was working but it was a bit over budget. So instead of trying to improve on the losing part someone came up with the idea of a total revamp and called it modernization. What I think is all hospitals have to keep up with new ideas and medicines and have to keep their hospitals free of germs so what was needed was only new building and new equipment. Which should have been fazed out but due to lack of foresight and vast under spending we are in the position we are in. Who do you blame I know who I do.

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