19 May, 2006

Another youth stabbing

As another youth is stabbed to death in a fight. People are now asking the question why do youths carry and use knives? Some would say that the sentences for knife offences are not severe enough. So the question of should or shouldn't I use or carry this knife never enters their head. Someone else would say that society has become so disaffected with violence that in today's climate it's become part of it. Is this because we see violence on TV and although the baddies never win they don't give up without a fight? Which always entails a shootout or a blood soaked corpse. I think the under lying trend towards violence is not what we see on TV but the attitude of people and the perception that it is okay to use violence when necessary. While watching a TV interview with a knife carrying youth. He was asked why he carried one. He replied for my protection and as a deterrent. It made me think of bombs and how we build them and say they are only a deterrent. Inbuilt in us all is a self preservation instinct which often leans towards violence for our own preservation. Is it the fault of society itself and the perception violence to oneself permits violence to another. Over the years we have had people shooting people to protect their property but when do we start to take stock and say no matter what, life is too precious

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alyceclover said...

A study of history shows there always has been violence. If we look at birds, or animals, we'll see them fight, attack each other, for territory, food or mates. Humans, of course, use weapons and create bombs, using modern convienences, like cars (tanks) to commit the acts of violence. I think children seeing adults using violence as a means to solve problems, will simply do likewise.