12 May, 2006

Wishful thinking

Aren't you glad you don't have to fear being eaten by alligators if you're going for a jog. Some woman in America did. I think the nearest thing to that is being talked to death when you're in bed with the wife or husband. Now that can be construed as a shark attack, only joking but joking apart, you have to admit that here in Britain we are so lucky we don't have that many things that can kill us with one bite or maul us to death and if anything did have a lethal toxin. I think there's a cure. The only thing we really have to fear in this country is one another because some people would murder you over a few lousy pound or attack you if you looked down and out. Someone once said the the decline in peoples attitudes and morals will lead us into civil war if we are not careful. I have always thought it to be a rash statement to make. The attitude and morals of today's society aren't that good but lead to a civil war I doubt it. If you look back to a time when things were hard but when you could leave your back door open at anytime of the day or night without fear of being raped or robbed or abused or to when neighbour helped neighbour or even to when a stranger would stop and chat to another stranger without an ulterior motive. That was something to be proud of. So what happened? We can't keep on blaming the parents or can we? I was listening to the radio one night sometime ago when someone said the morals of our children are non existent and for that we have to mostly blame single parents and their standard of up bringing. Since then I have always thought that statement was over the top too because I know lots of single parents. Some come from really deprived back grounds and their children have done ok. Myself I think society has to take its fair share of the blame. If you look at things over the years like consumerism and the trend it has set for the younger population. It has set a high priced standard which most can not afford. Whose to blame? Major companies that want to make less but charge more or companies that are only intrested in profit, could we blame fashion trends? It does seem to me that money is the thing that makes the world go around at the moment and if you haven't got it, tough. I wonder if some company will come along and will see that just charging a fair price and making a fair profit is the best way of selling a good product but I think its just me wishful thinking

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alyceclover said...

Once upon a time, there were no homeless people. The people lived in groups with there families. Then a drought came, or whatever, they picked up and moved elsewhere. Some other group, moved elsewhere too, and they started fighting over the available vegatation, water supply, animals to kill, for clothing and food. The winner got to "own" that little piece of earth. Then someone decided certain people could "own" land. You either did what the Kings, Queens, Pharoah's said, or it was Off with your head. Little has changed since that time, just got "civilized". Larger areas of land got "owned", they became "Countries" and more sophisticated types of Kingdoms were born. If no one owned land, there might not be any homeless. An able bodied person could pick an unoccupied place, pitch a tent, build a log cabin, grow vegatables, raise chickens. They could make their own "moonshine" if so inclinced, their children could help perform the work. Of course if one wanted some modern conveniences, like television or Internet, one would need, ah, money. So right back to square one.