19 May, 2006

Homeless not hopeless

At some stage in our lives we all desire more than we have but image you're homeless and all you desire is a place of your own. A place you can have your own privacy. A place to call home. How would you feel if you where stuck in some temporary accommodation waiting for five or six years? That's what some people are doing right now because there is no where else for them to go. If you live in a society that seems to have forgotten that not everyone can manage the day to day things of a normal life. Whether it be because they are addicts, alcoholics or have other issues. Is this is what social exclusion means? Just because you have a roof over your head doesn't mean you are not socially excluded which is what some people do not realise. The stigma that attaches itself to homeless people doesn't disappear because you are suddenly in temporary accommodation. It's hard to explain why but it still affects you after you get a place of you're own. Take applying for work, you go to an interview and because you are advised always to be honest you are. There's always some shock attached to telling someone you where once homeless and an addict or had some mental health issue but when you tell them why and how employers can be unsympathetic and after a while this can become disheartening. My doctor still looks at me funny when I walk into his surgery and has since I told him about my homelessness and why I still have the plates in my leg, which should have been removed years ago. I tell people to keep on trying because the are just homeless not hopeless cases.

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