12 May, 2006

Can't sleep, trying to make sense of my thoughts

I'm always thinking these days when I have a quiet moment or two but something's I just can't understand, why people bomb other people or why people go to war this is what I think is the real unhuman side to us. While this is going on though there there are people all over this world that are less fortunate than others that suffer from through no fault of their own. They problably have had severe droughts and floods and I know we do try to help them in our own way and here on our own doorsteps we have disadvantaged people as well. The question I keep asking myself is, did the world start this way and when it finally decided to start calling itself civilized. what happened? because from what i see and read in the newspapers we are far from being a civilised world. It does sometimes feel as if a human life is worth nothing at all.
Everyday when you go to work or for a night out and I don't think it matters what country or where you live, we see the less fortunate, sleeping on the streets of our cities. shouldn't we at least try to correct it or just improve life a little. Most nights I go out on the streets of London to see if I can get homeless people to tell me their stories of how they became homeless and what is exactly happening to them now. Sometimes it so heart breaking to hear their stories and some of these people have been homeless a long time. The saying there is always someone that has a worse story than you own is really true. I always thought my childhood was rough but some of the stories I have heard over the past year are horrifying. What can be done for them? Its what I am always asking myself? It seems that the government are so busy focusing on young couples and people that can afford to buy their own homes they have simply just done the minimal for those that are disadvantaged. Is this because home owners are the bread and butter of this country as a member of the public said or is it that some of the homelesss need so much help that it's too expensive or is it that so much is said about the homeless all being junkies and alcoholics that everyone has said enough is enough lock them away and get them out of sight? no wonder people are afraid of homeless people and only sigh sadly inwards when they pass someone sleeping in a shop doorway.
my own oberservations are that people do care about other human beings but are not sure what they can do to help.
my own thoughts are, who cares what it cost to get someone back into the folds of society? Isn't it better for everyone to give people a chance at normality? So they to can pay their way? Just like everyone else and doesn't everyone have the right to live as part of a society?
not outcasts. These are just some of the thoughts that go through my head. Funny not so long ago I didn't have any.

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