23 May, 2006

What made me agree to start a web blog? It was the fact that homeless people were a part of society and were a socially excluded group of people that did not have a voice. The other thing was homelessness was not included in any election mandate or manifesto in fact it wasn't even mentioned till we had the big voice tour. Which was when myself and and others went to five cities to talk to different prosprective MPs. After that I set about trying to give homeless people a louder voice during the general election but as the election loomed the voice of the homeless still seemed to be lost and I seemed to getting the same old tired answers we always got from prospective MPs. Then all of a sudden my blog started to get noticed and newspapers started picking up on things I was writing about. Even after the election I decided to persevere with my blog. I don't believe my blog has changed that much although it does have it's personal touches. I think that my blog features a whole array of issues; some local and some are national but what I think makes my blog unique is what I have written is based on fact and not fiction and that the end result does have what I feel is my own down to earth honest opinion. I get quite a lot of emails from a cross section of society most agree with what I am saying. Some have even met me and are now regular visitors to my site. Some are now bloggers themselves. My blog has a political edge which concerns homelessness and the government's agenda if they have one, which does at times seem unlikely. I have also added my own touch of humour as life is not always serious and its not all about the way we live. Maintaining my blog is a must for me personally as it does keep me in touch with what's happening on the street and politically. I think political blogging will rise at a rate of knots as technology improves and when someone discovers you can make a whole lot of money from them well by then we will have another form of communication but will it be the answer to getting more people involved in politics? Who knows? I think that although there will be a rise for a short while but like anything else as soon as the novelty wears off it will slow down to a crawl. The art of a good blog I think is to make it a bit different like I have mine. It's a bit like TV you wouldn't watch the same program over and over again would you? Well blogs can be exactly that, the same old thing. My idea was to write what I knew and to be honest and say life wasn't the bowl of cherries we all wish it was.

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