04 May, 2006

Making changes

Everything changes over time. Sometime ago old Tony Blair was saying, this was his last term in office and now has left people wondering if he will or wont. Now the head of crisis Shaks Ghosh is calling time after nine years of trying to get this government to recognize that there is much more to being homeless than just a roof over your head. (everyone seems to leave after they have met me a couple of times) She says she is a person that likes to make change. Has she made changes at crisis. When she first came to organization it was called crisis at Christmas. Now it's just called crisis and it's focus on the homeless at Christmas has changed to an all year round focus mainly on education and learning skills. Other services that have emerged are the skylight center and changing lives awards and smart move and of course the skylight cafe . Those are the changes being made by some individuals but later on today some people will try to make changes, by voting in their local elections hoping that their vote will bring about change. My god does this really happen? I am so skeptical when it comes to voting I sometimes think if I just vote for Charlie Chaplin I would be somewhere near what I have today. Only once in a blue moon does one person come along and make dramatic changes that affect us all and meet with the agreement of the people. Through the years though there have been some noteworthy people though. My question is how can a handful of politicians get the message that we want to give them if we don't give them our vote of confidence? Simply they can't. If you listen carefully to politicians you can get a rough idea of how much they can actually deliver and how much is give me your vote bull. To make change you have to give it a go who knows maybe this year one person will come forward and start to make the changes we need.

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