18 May, 2006

Just catching up on what I have to say.

Making the right decisions are not that easy for some people I look at different scenarios and compare them to how most people do become homeless. It's that sudden choice of having had enough and looking for the best route out. It's a bit like reading a map but seeing and thinking there's a short cut. Then making the decision and suddenly finding out you've made the wrong choice. I myself was never a good map reader and it seems that I was never one for making correct decisions. Especially not snap ones. So this also leads me to thinking about government and some of the decisions they make. I look at them and like most people I think to myself what are they thinking? Because some changes in policy seem to me not that well thought out. Like making parents take responsibility for their children's behavior. I believe parenting to be an ever evolving thing. Parents are learning all the time how to be good parents and 99% know right from wrong and they teach their children this. Just because their child goes off the rails doesn't mean they are bad parents and how can we teach parents basic parenting when it's not the parents who are at fault? Seems to me once again we have shut the gate after the horse has bolted. How do we get back to a time when you felt safe to walk the streets at night or when a child was a child just misbehaving? How we as a society say to a government that does seem hard of hearing enough is enough.

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