15 May, 2006

Lets talk

I'm I think an average man of intelligence and when I hear a PM saying, we need to have talks on various things and that the public should be involved with these talks as well. I start to wonder. So why should we believe this government are going to take on board anything we are going to say? They haven't in the past. One of the things the PM spoke of this morning was social exclusion and the need to find ways of connecting different departments like housing and benefits and where to get help if you have problems like drug and alcohol. I do believe all these things have already been talked about and only a few things have been done. If this government are serious about wanting to talk about these things. Then isn't it wise to talk to people that have been socially excluded after all they have the T shirt and badges so to speak. Now I'm wondering what does this government really want to do? Does it want to be seen doing something. Mr Blair said: "I believe people want a society without prejudice but with rules - rules that are fair, that we all play by, and rules that when broken carry a penalty. "And the truth is that most people don't think we have sufficiently such a society. My feeling is that talk is cheap and we shall see whether its lets talk or will it be lets listen and do nothing as per usual? Hey I'm a sceptic when it comes to any politcal party that says we are trying to change things because change never really happens or if it does start to happen along comes another political party to change things that haven't been fully changed in the first place. It does get rather confusing after a while.

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