18 May, 2006

Things are supposed to get cheaper or so I thought but things are actually getting more expensive. Take my internet connection charges for the first six months they were reasonable and affordable but now they have shot up by some way and are now expensive. Well, to me they are. Can I afford it? The answer to that is no. I would like to write everyday but as you can see from the slow down of my blog that I can now only write when I can get to a computer and the thing is I want to expand into an actual website that every homeless person can use. I have always said that homeless people have talents that are simply not used because they are on the streets and are socially excluded. How can we prevent this from being done I think the best way forward is to show peoples work. So with this in mind I am trying to give homeless people a platform to work from. If I can get the funding or sponsors then I think in the next year the leap from blog to full website is not impossible and who knows where that may lead. It only takes imagination and hard work.

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