07 May, 2006

It's early Sunday morning and I am at last going to have an early night but I thought I'd write a few words of cheer. I am supposed to be going to a christening tomorrow. My friend is having his son baptized and I won't be there as I have an important prior engagement but I would like to wish them all my best wishes and have a good day Maff and Ruth and little Freddie. Here's a little something hoping to make it a great day even if I can't be there. I will make it for the weekend the next bank holiday though.

A child will grow and grow
From its parent learn all the things it did not know.
With confidence and poise
Match pace with time.
When growing
This child will not maybe walk a perfect line.
Yet all will still be well and this child will be the apple of their eye
With no exceptions this child will bring a ray of sunshine in his father's life
Along with all the worry and the strife.
And in a mothers heart that gently beats
A love that knows no bounds
A love that never has to die
Through tears this child of joy might cry.
Then one day this child has grown
The mirror image of its parents
Yet still a child with age
Still with confidence matches pace with time.

Well, that's the first thing I have written for ages. Well I must get some beauty sleep as I am looking a bit on the old side today.

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