05 May, 2006

The people's warning to government

Well, well, last night the people fired the first warning shots at Tony Blair and his Labour party buddies, by voting for the opposition. the people of this country are not stupid and they are certainly are not going to put up with a government that fall short on ideas and isn't doing enough for the country. That was the message last night. This morning in gorvernment, heads have rolled and some surprises have been unveiled. Should this have happened twelve months ago? Maybe we wouldn't be in quite the mess we are. Has Tony Blair let things go from bad to even worse or is he at last trying to stop the rot in a government that is slowly disappearing into obscurity? The funny thing is even after three terms of New Labour things are still the same. The poorer have gotten poorer and the rich well, that's why there are poor. Crime is still on the increase and there is still a section of society the left out in the cold. Plus you can still get mugged not only by criminals but by Governments. This governments achievements whilst in power, none really, well not any that affect people in Britain directly. Oh yes here's one the N.H.S. is in a worse crisis than before new Labour took over and here's another pensions are not worth anything. Another crisis the government have not sorted and yes Tony there are still people sleeping in shop doorways not as many as there was but it looks to be back on the increase. I wonder why?

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