16 February, 2006

Anything is possible

Success or failure are the questions I ask myself when I am alone sometimes. My life you could say has had plenty of failures in one shape or another but I have accepted those as part of my life. Which I am at least trying to reshape. Everybody has there ups and downs even politicians who we think sometimes are the least likely to. Take the prime minister he must be having one hell of a last fling trying to get all these things through the house and being defeated. Maybe he should be like me take a step back and see what's really going on in this country. Me being ex-homeless has nothing to do with how people are living there lives in constant fear or poverty. We have so many families caught in the poverty trap that even I am ashamed we call ourselves a great country. I think it was Churchill that said to be a great nation we must lead the way. I would like to think we a are a nation of equality and fairness. How can we be? When our kids don't respect law and order, personal property or the right for anyone to walk free and safe. Being homeless has given me that insight because I have not had all that baggage of mortgages , rents, work and to me that what normality was. I have been able to take a view from the outside. I have seen the run down estates in many of our cities. I have seen kids that have to go without. I have watched some make successes of their lives and I have watched most struggle with no hope of change. Was it the years of the Tories that did this? I don't think so but they didn't do much to help things. I think as a nation we just believed we were great and we just let things slide. We should have made sure we were. Germany rebuilding it's bombed cities or the Chinese making things work are examples most people use but I'd like to believe we can do the same but with it's people and to put things right that were you have to start. Give people hope and things will happen. Give people a fair days wage for a fairs days pay and things will improve. I think I have proved anything is possible and dreams do come true sometimes.

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