22 February, 2006

The prince speaks

In a free democratic country are we not allowed to speak our mind? Whether it be a worker from tesco's or the future king of this country. I think I heard this somewhere that everyone has the right to free speech. If prince Charles does or say anything then it always seems to me to hit the headlines not because he's a man that thinks he needs to be heard but the because he's the future king and what is he really saying that he disagrees with the government and some of their policies. Well, here's a newsflash I do as well but I don't see you writing about what I am saying. The thing is he is simply a man that may or may not have influence and has a few ideas on how to assist on a number of things. Like the youth of today and the princes trust. When politicians think he's off track they simply ignore him anyway. The question is does he do more good than harm. When politicians say he's out of date and touch with the public then they should also look at the kettle before calling it black. I have met the prince and it seems to me that here is an intelligent man with a title and influence that he wants to use.

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