21 February, 2006


One thing to write about tonight and that is freeganism. Which in other words means people who raid the supermarket bins for the food and whatever they throw out. Now I can tell you about this because I know quite a few people that still do this and I used to be one of them. When I lived n my hostel I used to go out on a Friday night or Saturday morning and raid the bins because I knew I wouldn't go without and these where the days I needed to. The food that was always thrown out was amazing. It's such a waste when there are people starving in this world. The question is why well, if you are on the dole and you get fifty pounds a week it doesn't go far. When you have to pay a fiver top up fee for your rent buy a travel card so you can get about to find jobs or go to doctors or just do some of the normal things people do but by Friday night you can guarantee that your fridge will be empty. I would agree with the independent newspaper that some freegans are not homeless or unemployed. But if they where to look closer I bet you would find that 60% percent are on the edge of what we call poverty in this country and most of the others have either lived in or near poverty trap. like any thing else old habits are hard to expunge. We have now places like fareshare but there is still £3.000000 in waste everyday. I am one of those people that is still unsure why people in this world starve. When we have countries like ours that throw away vast mountains of food. Starving and going hungry in my book are two completely different things. One is just having an empty stomach. The other is not being able to fill that empty stomach. If people have found a way of keeping their children and themselves from not going hungry then that must be a bonus but it seems we still can not find a way of to stop people starving to death even though we live really well in this country. That's why I am always saying we are so lucky here in Britain. .

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