18 February, 2006

In a sort of reflective mood.

I have been out of action for a few weeks now and having to sit with my leg raised has been driving me crazy, although I have cheated a bit and gone for a stroll just to see and hear people. Loneliness is one of the biggest things that drives people into depressive moods and can make them so despondent with life. For someone who has been homeless for a long time it can be the one thing that sees them back on the streets. Being homeless doesn't mean you are friendless although some of the friends you make are short term they either die from their addictions or move on. Some go to jail and come back changed. Some just disappear altogether. I have always said that life is so strange and the more I see, the more I get to thinking that peoples lives are these great journeys we all have to take. Yet they all lead to the same place if you believe in God. What drives me these days is knowing that I can do my bit to change the lives of some people. It's funny but we all slag politicians but they really are doing their best. They make mistakes just like any one these days. There are a few of course that are in politics for the glory and to make history. There are also the genuine politicians who really do want to change this country and these are the history makers. I have often said that I'd make a good politician but to be honest I'd have to have a passion for politics. The truth is I can only understand some of it because I am just like your everyday common ordinary man that walks to the office most days of the week, worries about the bills and if there's enough food on the table. I don't have to worry about running a country and making sure that everyone is treated fairly. All I can do is speak up and say look this is what is happening to homeless people and addicts because I have been there and somehow managed to come through it thanks to my friends Maff and Ruth and Mark and my friends at crisis . Who I supposed might still see me a work in progress and that's the thing. I know I am still a work in progress because each day I am around I learn more and more about people like myself. The one main thing I have learned over the last few years is to live life to it's fullest and if you have a goal in life then go for it. Because when it comes to that time of looking back to many regrets can cloud what might have been a good life. I guess what I am trying to say is even people that have had problems or for that matter still with problems they are just the same as you and I because we keep them at a distance they don't really know it yet.

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