26 February, 2006

Tired of tea towel al a carte

Another day turns into another week and I'm still not sleeping properly even after five years I still don't sleep for more than five hours. I do have the odd couple of times when I sleep all night but they are few and far between. It's Sunday the quietest day of the whole week but my last couple of weeks have been too quiet as I haven't been able to get about as much as usual because of my leg but things have still happened to me you wouldn't believe, like tonight I was merrily cooking away I thought it would be a good idea to have a bath while the meat was roasting in the oven. It seems I forgot to turn off the top rings on the stove and I set alight a tea towel. The only one I had. Now I have a living room full of smoke and I could only just see through it. A bit like the Labour party all smoke and nothing when it's cleared. Well I got that under control. It seems because it took me so long to clear the smoke because my windows are permanently shut I over cooked the roast so that was two things I've done really well this week. Any one for tea towel al a carte or al fresco?

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