01 February, 2006

Just reflecting

Wow, what a night. Woke up this morning with a mother of a hang over and feeling sorry for myself. Saying never again. I can understand how easy it is to forget all your troubles when you drink and drink alcohol. Everyone who see the man standing on a busy street swaying with a bottle or can in his hand just see the drunk not the man. Underneath all that there is something else and to bring that out we need to help them. Not by just feeling sorry for them and giving them a couple of pounds here and there but by understanding what drove them there and then helping them back on the road to recovery.
I was watching a film about Rosa Parkes the black woman from Alabama USA. She refused to give up her seat on a bus in a time when all black people were segregated. If we all followed her example and did what we thought was right. We wouldn't be in such a mess. This is one crazy world we live in and there's is enough of it for everyone . So the question I ask is does it really matter that much if it's called Palestine or Israel, northern Ireland or southern Ireland? The important thing is life and to live it well. What ever colour or religion. Even if you don't have one. Life and living it should be the most important thing of all because we only have one to live.
Well, that's me having one of my moments which seem to come more often as I get older and older. I don't think I get any wiser I just get a little better at understanding what I already know.

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