02 February, 2006

Welfare reform my opinion

Not being a politician and just another member of the voting public. I can see the governments idea and it's a nice idea in a near perfect society and as we know we are far from that. I do have serious questions to ask and they are. How do you get one million back into work when you have nearly one million unemployed already? How do you train someone who's been on incapacity benefit that wants to work but cannot. Lets just say they have limited movement in his arms? To empower someone in my book means to give them hope and I'm sorry to say this government are just swapping incapacity benefit for the cheaper option. It does mean making people poorer because this government wants to save money. We all know how there are some people on benefits that can work and would rather cheat the system by doing both. It is these people that we have to weed out. This government are always going on about law and order so make it tougher for those that cheat the system. Incapacity benefit was made to help not hinder those that couldn't work
If you look at things logically. There's nothing to give people that hope they need and if this government think that by taking away the little extra people get. They will be in for a huge loss at the next election because people will not stand for it. This new reform they are trying to put through is new Labour forcing the issue again and we have been here before. As I have said if this goes through parliament. It will be just another load of statistics to add to an ever growing unemployment cue and the outcome to that is the poorer get poorer.
How can get people back to work? Well for start don't touch benefits if someone goes to college to learn IT skills or something that relates to getting into employment. Don't touch incapacity benefit if someone is willing to work but can't. Define what is a medical illness. It's this area that has a lot of grey for instance drug addiction is an illness but can be cured over time. Just like most illnesses. But someone who has lets say permanent injuries like broken arms and legs that are pinned. These sometimes never heal.
I think I read that there are jobs people can do. There are jobs people can do that are unemployed but until this government set a decent wage standard and start helping reduce things like local councils taxes and fuel costs then every few years I think we will always hear about welfare reform and the need to save money. Another thing is, there are three hundred and eighty thousand hidden homeless. The more you help them now, like getting affordable rents. Reducing the number in hostels and bed and breakfasts. Millions will be saved later. There are several ways to improve things in this country . The fact is this government are not prepared to spend money now to save huge sums later. They'd rather take more money from people now to save for today. What about the rainy days? Believe me I see storms in the future.

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