14 February, 2006

New technology

Tonight I watched a sci fi movie and it got me thinking about the future and how we are already advancing the technology we have right now. I'm always being asked about new technology and how it affects the homeless, whether they have the use of computers or can they keep up with all the advances being made. It's a question I believe affects all of us. We now have the capability of tracking what people do with their computers and we are now beginning to have laws governing the internet but as the world grows more and more dependent on computers. The smaller and better they will get. The question of will computers get smarter? I think so. As we get lazier and start to relax with more time on our hands the natural order of things is to let robots and computers do most things for us. George Orwell I think had it right when he envisaged a world run by computers. It's coming. We already have a government that want people to use new technology and in some cases are willing to pay for it. Is this the beginning of man being too clever for his own good?

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