28 February, 2006

Big brother

Some people think the internet and all new technology is a bad thing and some people truly believe that the internet will be the real start of big brother. I myself believe we have big brother here already but we do not yet have the technology to big brother everyone. Id cards are one way to do that but it's only the tip of the iceberg. As people are monitored in their use of the internet and what sites they go to. So the next thing I think we will see is it's usage being monitored with more sophisticated technology. More and more government legislation will be used to ban it's misuse but it will not stop it and I think that over the next twenty to thirty years prison sentences will be the order of the day for misuse of the internet and new technology. The saying big brother is watching really will come into it's own as technological advances make that a certain probability. I'm no soothsayer but as this Labour government strive to gain a political advantage with today's technology. So must other future governments. The newer the technology the better advantage each party will gain. People are learning at a fast pace what can be done with the internet in business and politics. In the future I don't see the freedom we have today with technology. I see big brother states and people being afraid to say anything because they're being watched. George Orwell had it nearly right. I believe I wont be around to see what happens but like so many I wonder will our technological advances be our down fall or will we finally see it's advantages?

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