20 February, 2006

Political tools my opinion

It's funny but I fell asleep again on my sofa and when I woke up I saw John Bird on TV again and of course I began to listen to him but it wasn't what he was saying that woke me up. It was the way he was using the media of TV to get his opinion across and it is only his opinion by the way. It got me thinking about web blogs and my blog in particular. Was I using it as my own personal soap box or was this a real chance to give sound advice or am I using it as my own political tool to get my own opinions across?
Politicians stand there in the houses of parliament and say this and that because people go to their surgeries and tell them of the problems they're facing and all politicians can really do is talk about it in the house. These surgeries only happen once a month and then only a few people can attend and that's not enough time to hear what most people have to say. I think in the future the web will do away with politicians surgeries as more and more people become used to using emails and such. The question of can you get your points across to the vast majority is yes but that is not the real question. The question is will they read what's being said after all if twenty seven thousand people voted for you and eighteen thousand send you emails that's a lot of emails. Common sense tells me that all emails will have a heading say law and order or health issues. It goes without saying if politicians can get their message across this way. So can the people. Does the web have a future as a political tool? I think so. Will more MPs use web blogs? I believe so. Will I keep on blogging? You bet

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