27 February, 2006

God I'm at it again just thinking

I was stretched out on my sofa trying to write a bit more of my play and I was trying to think back to the old days when people used to lean over the garden fence just to have a conversation or just to say hello and ask how you are doing. I was also trying to remember if my mother left her doors open when she popped next door. That was the one of the things you could do in those days without having to worry if you were going to be robbed. The funny thing is my house back then was like Piccadilly Circus with all it's coming and going but we never once got stolen from and to think my house was a bit like a drug addicts convention most days of the week. I do remember some good times like when I used to go shopping for the old woman a few doors away. I used to add 10 park drive ciggy's a week to her shopping bill. My commission so to speak. I remember the day she found out she gave me such a hiding and for an old woman could she move. We all have stories about the good old days but in today's climate there are not that many. So my question is what happened to society in general? Have we lost our values? Have we become a society without moral fibre? It seems funny that a person like me should ask these questions having been an outcast from mainstream society for so long. The thing that struck me thinking back to my days of being homeless was that nearly all homeless people seem to care and watch out for each other a society within a society. They do say we can learn from other people and we have examples of human behavior in some strange places.

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