13 February, 2006

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I've experienced that people choose their way of living by themselves... Nobody can help such a person if he or she doesn't do anything self... I do wish to help a man I love but he doesn't move to the same aim - to his better life - together with me...What can I do

As the agony aunt would say talk, just sit down and talk.

We all seem to sit and watch TV lately the first thing I am asked on most days is did you watch that program last night. From what I know based on my personal experience is we sit and cuddle on the setee but don't hardly speak. We say we love each other but really don't communicate it enough. It's alright to have that bond between two people but sometimes it can become a one sided affair. Everyone has the same problem, even homeless people. Relationships are even tougher to maintain and remember they don't have twenty four hour TV. So talk about things, even work. The more you know about what's going on in your lives the better equipped you will be live it together. If any of this makes sense to you? Let me know

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