05 February, 2006

What a day

What a day. Well I cooked a Sunday lunch for friends and didn't poison them, which must be a first for me. Cleaned my flat and done most of my washing. Now that's is a miracle so I have been told. Then we went to the West End for a walk and to take some photo's of homeless people and I came across this man. Sober but still begging. Most would see this as degrading but to him it's survival, a way to get by. How can we stop this from happening to others is the question I am always asking. It seems nobody knows and if I am truthful when I was on the streets I was grateful for every penny that people gave me. The thing that I see is that even this can become a way of life. A habit if you like and we all know habits are hard to break. As I get on the bus to go home I'm left with a tinge of sadness because I remember what it's like to be in his place. Once again I am grateful that my life has changed and I can look back and say yes that was me once.

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