24 January, 2006

And another thing

While were on the subject of politics. I have been listening to the parliamentary debates on anti social behavior and the issuing of asbo's. Some have been issued in parts of the country for stupid things like someone feeding the birds in their own back garden. We have all these programs on TV about nature and how we should help with conservation and we then give asbo's to people who do just that. Aren't we deciding how people should live? We don't complain about feeding ducks and swans and pigeons in parks. So just to make things equal should they be asboed as well. My personal feeling on asbos is they are a useless form of deterrent. I can be seen to keep my nose clean for a year. Another asbo was issued to a prostitute who was also a drug addict not to have condoms in her possession in a certain area. When her drug centre was in that area and they gave out condoms and I am not right in thinking whatever the case we have to protect society from the spread of aids as we all know a prostitute will always work and if they have a drug habit it is a must for them and there are only certain areas in a city where they can work. Which is more important the use of the asbo or the safety of the public. Asbo's don't seem to work where I live. I have had a crack house in the flats above me and when that was closed down one opened next door and when that one was also closed they moved across the road. I know a few people that have reported them to the council and the police and they have suffered even more for doing so. Being an ex-addict I know how addicts think and work. I also know how pushers work and the hardest thing is see them coming because they are normal people. Like me and you. The other use of issuing asbos to homeless people for just sleeping rough is disgusting and I will always be naming and shaming councils that do so but I will always have the evidence to back my claims up. As you can gather I am really vexed today as I believe all the measures I am hearing about, are just quick fixes. The New Labour sticking plaster mentality they might as well give Santa an asbo for making a mess when coming down peoples chimney's. It only takes a couple of disgruntled people to complain and the councils as they say have to act. I think it is about time we the people said enough is enough and got tough on what I call civil crime that is abusive behavior. Isn't that's why asbo's where invented in the first place.

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