18 January, 2006


Still can't sleep my teeth are playing me up something terrible. It's ten past five in the morning and I thought that I'd catch up on some emails and stuff. The things that still amazes me are politicians and some of the ideas they come up with. I have often been in the last couple of months out spoken when I think that something is a waste of time and I have to say the prime ministers speech on give respect and get respect. Its one of the lamest ideas for a long time. How can anyone expect people who are terrorized daily by drug dealers, muggers, thugs and young kids on street corners to shop them? It just makes me laugh. Fear is one of the greatest human traits. It stops us from doing most things we are afraid of but until the government decide enough is enough and treat these people as they are treating other people then we will always have a society that lives in fear. I know people will say we have to stand up to these people but I truly believe we have been too soft in the past. We live in a time of huge discontent and the class of no hope is so prevalent today that it does seem to me that we are steadily slipping backwards and not moving forwards as the government keep saying. We see more and more job loses. More people in temporary accommodation. More young homeless and vulnerable people and a majority of these come from the run down estates all over Britain. How do you get a society back on track? There is no where in this world that's perfect but it would be nice to walk down the street and not be mugged. It would be nice if we could leave our back doors open and nothing would be stolen like in the old days. I think we need to get back our communities but we wont until this government stop pussy footing around and get tough. Then we might see the fear in people subside and we might get the communities we dream of.

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