05 January, 2006

Wish I'd been there

Tonight Charles Kennedy admitted he had a drink problem and that he hadn't had a drink for tow months. A thing that I recognized myself. I'm sorry to say this but while fighting this illness because it is an illness as he says. He won't be able to fend off the doubters because stopping drinking is the hard part. He has the hardest to come and that is staying sober. When he is under pressure to perform will this be the catalyst that drags him backwards was the question I would have like to asked him but I would have put it better because I have seen so many good people with alcohol problems and I have also seen how hard it is to keep a job and try to give it up. Not many people succeed in both.
As I watched the host of reporters surround him and throw questions about his political career. No one bothered to ask him how his family was coping and he will need them around him in these early days but all in all I think everyone already suspected that he had a problem. It was only a matter of time before it was confirmed. I wish I'd been there at the press interview because there were lots of questions I could have asked because I have been there as well and no one believes you can be the same again.

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