24 January, 2006

Labour try once again to reform incapacity benefit

Well, it's back to the political stuff that I have been writing about over the last few months. No one has ever taken notice of what homeless people have to say or come to think of it me, myself. Maybe today is that day. Plus the fact today is the day that once again the Labour government will say look we want to try to get 1,000,000 people of sickness benefit and reform incapacity benefit. Oh and we want to rename it after all it's a legacy we the three time election winners want to leave. The last time this happened I believe there was a government back bench revolt and from what I've heard so far there will be another. I have a lot to say about the system we have in this country but from what I hear about government incentives to doctors to give fewer sick notes, is just a plain old bribe. I think this is just another attempt to reduce the 12 billion bill we have every year. Will this lead to more poverty and the worsted being worst off? I know so. This government was elected on a small majority and I think they will oust themselves at the next election if they keep on going the way they are. Because the people of this country want proper reform. Not reform that takes people that are just getting by into the poverty trap. So many families I know will be affected by what this government is proposing. This government want to penalize people who are already genuinely ill and suffering. To more suffering and hardship. Many claimants around the country have had to fight for the right to receive these benefits in the first place, by having to see independent doctors employed by the DSS themselves. This will only cause more confusion. If the government want to beat the people that defraud the system then they will have to think up something else. What about those people that are homeless they lose their right to the little extra that most receive and it's been like that for years. Tony Blair says he wants a fairer system and more people back in employment but I think he just wants to make his mark before he steps down. Sorry Tony but you have already made your mark remember Iraq.
What I think is that we should have had the two tear system. People who could not be expected to work because of the severity of the their disability and those that could be eventually helped back into work. Now that's what I call a good system. Not one that can be malipulated like the one that is being proposed and believe me. It will be.

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