13 January, 2006

No fiver under my pillow

In my younger days I believed in the tooth fairy and that they would put the teeth that the dentist or for that matter I myself had pulled out under my pillow to get sixpence but due to inflation it's now a fiver. I have had this toothache for a few days and had to go to the dentist. Who to be honest I am in great fear of but anyway I went and had some teeth pulled. What really irks me is now I am having bloody nightmares that I can actually remember. This was one such dream I had. I was in so much pain that no one in the world could cure me. So I just put up with it and went about my business then I met all these MPs in a meeting and Charles Kennedy God bless him kept trying to give me nips of brandy from his hidden flask. All he kept saying was it'll do you good instead of me. Then I had Tony Blair saying everyone should be able to see a dentist but as for treatment well that's another issue. Then to top it all I had John Prescott saying I am working class lad and don't need to see a dentist I am a mans man. What a nightmare. I'm just happy that I saw a dentist who pulled the tooth out and gave it me. I put it underneath my pillow and this morning not a sausage not a bloody penny. Just goes to show fairy tales are just that and dreams are just dreams and not many do come true but when they do it turns out they were your goals in life.

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