10 January, 2006

Politicians or TV stars

Firstly I know people look forward to hearing what I have to say but my computer has been on strike I think as it just refused to work for a few days. Now everything is back to normal I think. Well, until I get the code to activate my windows properly again. Now for the juicy bits. What did you think of George Galloway in the big brother house? Who is doing his job? He is a budding TV star or a politician? When people voted, they voted for someone who was going to be in office trying to get things done. Not in big brother. Is he going to give the wining to the homeless in the east end?
Today we have the government on about this give respect get respect we already hear of so many things but this is just an old idea rehashed. We need to get tough on these yobs whatever age they are. I know well to do kids who purposely go out to cause trouble. You can't keep on blaming the parents. I will think on this for a while and see if I can come up with a more suitable way of dealing with thugs because that's just what they are.

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