26 January, 2006

We want to work

People might be surprised to learn just how many homeless people want to work. When I spoke to people this morning that actually lived on the streets. They said they were disappointed at not being able to register for work with agencies because they had no address. I have also spoke to several addicts over the last few days who told me they were willing to work but because they lived in hostels and the rent was still too high that they just couldn't afford to. So the perception that addicts cannot work is not true. Many of the people I personally know are single and want to work but they are all worried about being worse off if they go to work, This is only one of the problems that people face whether in a hostel or a place of their own. It's about time the government put something into play that would counter this. The fact that some were still attending more IT courses at the skylight centre is a testament to the fact that most are gearing up for work.
Single people are always at a disadvantage because I supposed they are seen as having only themselves to support and supporting only one person is supposed to be easy. We all know this is not the case. Single homeless people are even more disadvantaged. Imagine not having a home, living in a card board box on the Charring cross road in the London but you are still willing to work at any job that's available but because you have no address you have virtually no chance. How do you break out of the cycle of homelessness when no one is willing to give you that chance. Being in a hostel doesn't give you any advantage either. There is still a certain amount of discrimination there as well. Politicians and people will tell you there's not supposed to be but we all know there is. Chances are few and far between for homeless people to break out of the cycle of homelessness and for people to think that most homeless people do not want to work is wrong.


Aine said...

I agree it's far more difficult to be single and homeless than not single. I've beem homeless twice. The first time I was single, the council wouldn't help. With no address I couldn't get a job, and with no job I couldn't get an address.

The second time I was homeless I had my son, who is autistic. The council gave me gold priority and housed me very quickly indeed.

I've nothing helpful to add. Just my sympathy to everybody in this kind of situation.

Anonymous said...

if homeless people cant get jobs , how are they ever going to get money together to rent a flat or something?! im not on about drug addicts here btw thats a different situation i think.