23 January, 2006

Try and try again

Last week was quite a painful week for me but me being me and not being able to sit in doors longer than I have to I decided to go to Covent garden and do my thing of talking to people and getting their views on politics, war, homelessness, drugs and everything else you can think of but it is not always that easy. So as I mingled within the madding crowd at Covent garden. Trying to gauge peoples reactions after I asked them several quick fire questions, like if they failed at something they were doing, would they leave it or attempt to try again until they succeeded? Would they ask for help? Would they accept help? When I explained that I was trying to find out why so many drug addicts and alcoholics now lived on the streets and why so many failed several times in their attempts to beat their addiction. There were a few people that said they were fed up with seeing people on the streets with a bottles of cider in their hands or we have been too soft and should now force these people into clinics until they're are cured. So I asked what if it doesn't work should we keep on helping them in their attempt to beat their addictions? They thought I was some kind of reporter. Which to me was kind of a compliment as I must have been asking the right question and who wants to talk to a strange toothless wonder that you can only half understand what he's saying? But the reaction I got was well, amazing. They answered nearly every question with an answer. I think I'm going to do this more often than I have been doing as I think the public give me the insight as to what they would like to see being done on most matters.

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