26 January, 2006

He's out and he's come out

There's a couple of things to talk about today in the office as you go about the office trying to find something to talk about. One is George Galloway being ousted from big brother. Was it inevitable? My humble opinion is he should really have been one of the first out. He's a bloody politician lets face it he was what I call having a last political fling with the public and if he thought people were going to take him seriously then he was mistaken. I understand that a petition with a least twenty five thousand signatures was got together. People where demanding he stepped down from office. If that's true then the view that I and several other people took is right. The other thing is Simon Hughes coming out and saying he's gay and has had a few lovers. My view is that this is his personal life and it should be just that. He's quite capable of doing the job of leader and he has already proved that by being the Lib Dem's party president and shadow attorney general. The question really should be would he be the ideal person to lead the Lib Dem's? His being gay shouldn't enter in to it because everyone is entitled to have sexual relationships whether gay or heterosexual. He is the MP for where I live and I have to admit he's doing ok.

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