26 January, 2006

Empowering people.

I have often been outspoken and do shout the loudest when I believe in something which I must admit is kind of new for me. Why? Because of the number of years that I have been in a drugged state is some what ridiculous and now I am awake and drug free I see things in a different light. It has taken me a few years to get to the position where I feel I am ready for work but the stumbling blocks are put in my way. My past and my age for instance. We all know this should not happen but it's a big factor when someone wants to employ me. Last year I said I have all this experience about homelessness and drug addiction and it was in this area I wanted to work. Then I start this blog and met all kinds of people from different backgrounds and I started to learn more and more. The more I learned the better Idea I got what I wanted to do. Now after months of talking to people I have come to this conclusion that most charities deal with homelessness from the start of actually being homeless. Then it seems to concentrate on getting them back to some kind of normality. Not many charities or government bodies really concentrate on empowering people, by this I mean having a separate scheme that helps them actually get employment. Everything seems so temporary. I know by empowering people to do volunteering is one way to get them back into the swing of employment but where do you go from there? The way I see things are simple enough but really hard to put in to action and they do say action speaks louder than words. So I am now talking to as many people in the business community on a idea I have about starting an employment agency that is run by ex-addicts or ex-homeless people. To also do peer to peer training so they can move on to other agencies after a while. So over the next few months I am going to get together with a few people and get together a business plan with the hope that we can get funding and that we have a business that is viable and it will eventually become self sufficient. This will be another busy year for me and by the end of it I hope to have achieved a lot more than I did last year. To have nothing to having something is better

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