27 January, 2006

Just got home to this

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I just got home and outside my house were
police galore. Someone had been hit with a bottle in the car park down the road and the injured man had left a blood trail as he staggered to the main road. The government said crime was on the way down and that voilet crime was up a notch. well mr blair lets see you walk round here without your minders on a dark night. you might last a night or two but you will eventually be mugged, beaten and even shot. mind you I think there are some who'd like to do that to you anyway but that's niether here nor there. only one thing to ask when are we going to be safe or can we expect to become like the states and have a gun culture that's permantly here.


Anonymous said...

hi Jamie,
no comment particularly on this, except to say stay safe. and to say hi, of course!!
can't really comment as I'm at work...but you're not far wrong most of the time, if you ask me.
cheers guv,

Clairwil said...

On a completely different subject altogether, you've been nominated for Blog of The Week over at http://amischiefofmagpies.blogspot.com/.

Best of luck.